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  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    Iowa Voters | Time Magazine

    Benjamin Rasmussen went to Iowa for Time Magazine to shoot first time voters and a Bernie Sanders Punk Rock fundraiser. Full stories below: First Time Voters Punk Rock Fundraiser [...]
  • Jeremy & Claire Weiss/Day19

    Mountain Dew Kickstart

    Mountain Dew Kickstart photographed by Jeremy and Claire Weiss/Day19. [...]
  • Winnie Au

    Mission Chinese | Elle Magazine

    A Super Bowl + Chinese New Year Spread by Chef Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese for Elle Magazine. [...]
  • Nicholas Maggio

    Under Armour | Stefon Diggs

    Nicholas Maggio traveled to Minnesota to shoot Stefon Diggs for Under Armour. [...]
  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    AFAR Magazine

    Benjamin Rasmussen went to Trinidad to shoot a story on Cricket for AFAR Magazine. [...]
  • Laure Joliet

    Lonny Magazine

    Laure Joliet photographed a minimal modern home designed by Nicole Hollis for Lonny Magazine. [...]

    Will Bryant

    WHERE DID YOU GROW UP: Texarkana, TX. WHEN DID YOU FIRST BECOME INTERESTED IN ILLUSTRATION + DESIGN: In high school my friend Lance and I had a t-shirt “business” where we would make bootleg band t-shirts with X-Acto stencils and fab [...]
  • Cole Barash

    Surfer Magazine

    Cole Barash's portrait of John John Florence is on the December cover of Surfer Magazine. [...]
  • Will Bryant

    New Artist

    This Represents welcomes Will Bryant to the family! Be sure to check out his work on our site and follow him on Instagram @willbryantplz [...]
  • Benjamin Rasmussen

    Mercedes-Benz GLC

    Benjamin Rasmussen photographed the new Mercedes-Benz GLC for Wired + Mercedes in Colorado. [...]
  • Nicholas Maggio

    Kevin Bacon

    Nicholas Maggio photographed Kevin Bacon in LA for Serendipity. [...]
  • Cole Barash

    Nike Soccer

    Cole Barash traveled to Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, and Santiago for Nike Soccer. [...]